Alice Springs Mission Church


A Commission of the General Assembly of Australia made the following resolution on 29 June 2017:

Request PIM to consider bringing recommendations to the 2019 meeting of the GAA to divest itself of all Mission Churches, together with an exit strategy to transition any remaining Mission Church to come fully and solely under the jurisdiction of a presbytery established by a State Assembly.

The Alice Springs Mission Church was a ministry of the PIM, it closed on 3rd of December 2017. At the time of closure, about twelve people were regularly involved.

This decision came after a long period of consideration, and a fruitless search for a successor for PIM’s work in Alice Springs. The PIM Committee had to conclude that without the personnel to staff the ministry or sufficient finances to attempt to sustain it the most prudent course of action was to close the church. This was not a decision that was entered into lightly.


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