Darwin Mission Church

Now under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of North Qld

On the 26th of October 2017, the Darwin Presbyterian Church formally became a ‘Presbyterian Church’ and is now under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of North Queensland. Rev Jason Smart is the Moderator of the charge.

Elders have been appointed and steps are underway so that the attendees of Darwin Presbyterian Church can become communicate members.

These actions are the result of the decisions of the Special Commission of the General Assembly of Australia that met in June 2017 to investigate matters related to Darwin. After a thorough investigation, the Commission directed PIM to terminate the employment of the pastor and then requested the Presbytery of North Queensland take over responsibility for Darwin.

This brings in a new era for the people in Darwin and allows the Mission Church to now become a regular Presbyterian Church, with all the benefits, protections and responsibilities that come along with that. It is the prayer of the PIM Team that this will allow this church to move towards becoming sustainable for the long term.

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