Leichhardt Patrol (QLD)

Laurie and Gwen Peake

This Patrol is based out of Wandoan, in the centre of a district explored by Ludwig Leichhardt in 1844.  The town is a service centre for the surrounding area and the Patrol seeks to remain in contact with the people resident on properties and stations near and far.

Laurie and Gwen Peake have been part of the PIM team for more than twenty years. They have served in a variety of Patrol Areas during that time.

These days, the Peakes live on their farm in Wandoan, where they raise Wagyu beef cattle. For a few days each month, they head out on Patrol to visit isolated people in the wider area. Laurie is also the minister of the small Presbyterian Church in Wandoan.

Laurie and Gwen Peake

E: lpeake@nullpim.org.au
Leichhardt Patrol Qld
M: 0427 486 677

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