Tasmania Patrol

Kim Jaeger

A number of the mainland PIM Patrol Areas are larger than Tasmania, so the PIM work in Tasmania is at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of geographical extent seen on ‘the north island’. But the importance of evangelism, discipleship and pastoral care is still the same, even though the driveways of the properties visited may not be 80 kms long.

Kim Jaeger is the newest edition to the PIM Team. Based in Hobart with his wife Kathryn, he is currently carrying out deputation work in Tasmania to help build a team of financial supporters who will help make the ministry sustainable.

Kim is hoping to commence Patrol Ministry in the NW of the state, and in the Midlands area from May 2017. He is looking forward to being involved in evangelism and discipleship with people who have limited access to the Gospel. He also expects to be available to preach regularly.

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