A longing for peace from the Saviour

The ministry of PIM brings a voice of hope and truth into the lives of those in remote areas who have a spiritual curiosity and a longing for God. Our Patrol workers often have the opportunity to bear witness to the outrageous love of our Father, as He seeks out those who are lost and brings them home.

As Easter approaches, and we once again focus on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for His people, and what that means in light of eternity, let’s not forget those in our most remote areas who haven’t yet heard the Gospel. Let’s not forget those He has called into ministry with PIM to share this Good News with them. 

Australian’s in remote areas have a longing for a peace that only the Saviour of the world can bring. Without PIM, there is a danger of them never hearing the Gospel, and thus missing out on the Truth.

Our PIM Patrol workers are making a difference on the ground. This is only possible though the prayer and financial support of people like you. Thank you for partnering with us, recognising that these people are worth driving for.

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