New Dunesk

Exciting PIM News!

In September, the General Assembly of Australia (of the Presbyterian Church) enthusiastically approved PIM’s innovative ‘New Dunesk’ proposal.

This proposal is to:

‘Establish a rural facility from which God’s people will be inspired, equipped and sent out for ministry to INLAND Australia’

New Dunesk will be a rural property from which PIM will offer various new short and long term opportunities for God’s people to become involved in taking the Gospel to remote and rural parts of our nation. Planning for a ‘Gap Year’ initiative is well underway, as is an exciting PIM Nomads’ Network programme. Many other opportunities for people to become involved are also taking shape.

Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead, but for now you can read more about New Dunesk, and the ways in which you can become involved, in the latest edition of On Track. One of those ways is through our PIM Nomads’ Network.