PIM Patrols

Tasmania Patrol

Tasmania Patrol Newsletter Winter 2019
Kim Jaeger
Access to church communities and Christian Fellowship can be rather limited for those living on farm properties or in tiny villages across the ...

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Mungo Patrol (NSW – Southern and NW Victoria)

Colin and Alison Morrow
Colin and Alison live in Mildura. For several days each week, they head out to visit people on farms and in small towns along the Murray River and up into South West NSW to ...

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Mount Magnet Presbyterian Church

Update: Surendra and May and family have finished 5 years of service at Mt Magnet and have now moved to Victoria. We are currently looking for a new couple to take up this vital role. A team of ...

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South QLD Patrol (QLD)

Greg and Janet Cripps
Greg and Janet's latest newsletter (Sept 2019)

Greg and Janet live on their family farm in Dalby, and are members of the Dalby Presbyterian Church.

From April to October ...

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St George Area

Doug and Marcia Walker
Doug and Marcia are the newest PIM team, and started patrol ministry in early 2018. They live on their farm in Dulacca, and head out on Patrol as often as time allows. As part ...

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Darling Patrol (NSW – Northern)

David and Gae McDonald
Darling Patrol Newsletter Autumn Winter 2019

Based out of Narrabri, David and Gae seek to build relationships with isolated people in the North West of NSW in order to care ...

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Leichhardt Patrol (QLD)

Laurie and Gwen Peake
Laurie and Gwen have been part of the PIM team for 30 years, serving in a variety of Patrol Areas during that time.
The Peakes now live on their farm in Wandoan, where they ...

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The Smith of Dunesk Mission – Beltana (SA)

AIM heritage is especially strong within the Beltana Area. This includes the fact that nearly all of the great names linked with the formation and foundation of the Australian Inland Mission were ...

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Andrew Letcher

PIM's CEO Andrew Letcher has been with PIM for four years and is appointed by the PIM Committee to lead the PIM Team and support the Committee as it shapes PIM's future.

Andrew ...

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