Bob and Gina see God bring help at just the right time – thanks to the support of friends like you

As you help send out PIM patrols, our teams often testify to seeing the Lord’s hand at work guiding them to meet the right people at just the right time.

That’s what happened for Bob and Gina*. 

When Bob saw a four-wheel drive parked up alongside his land, he was immediately suspicious. There’d been a spate of sheep-stealing in the region, so he drove down to check out the unknown vehicle.

Bob was relieved to find PIM patrollers, rather than sheep rustlers! But his suspicion continued. “I’m not keen on religious people,” he told them.

“Neither was Jesus,” was the reply – a surprising answer that opened the door for further conversation, which then turned into an invitation to stay on Bob’s station for the next few days.

Shortly afterwards, Bob’s wife Gina was sadly involved in a near-fatal car accident. She sustained massive injuries, which threatened to leave her quadriplegic.

Crying out to God in prayer for Gina, the PIM team sent word through their networks asking others to intercede for her.

In God’s mercy, Gina has made a strong start towards healing, and it’s looking likely she will regain the full use of her limbs.

We’re so grateful that PIM could be there to support and pray for Bob and Gina during such a difficult time in their lives. Please keep praying for Gina – that she’ll continue on the road to full recovery… and also that she and Bob will both come to follow Christ in the days ahead!

*Names changed for privacy reasons.