Christ’s love opens hearts

Sharing Christ’s love, and showing genuine interest in the lives of others, builds trust and respect in relationships. PIM Ministry Teams make this their priority in their work.

Of course, growing these relationships into friendships takes time.

Many people on the land share with our teams that they aren’t religious, and don’t want to talk about religion. The latest issue of On Track tells a story from Greg and Janet Cripps explaining one of their experiences. Greg and Janet have found over time, as they show Christ’s love to the people they meet, and take a genuine interest in their lives, discomfort often disappears, and is replaced with a trust and respect.

Down the track, when these people need advice, or just someone to talk to, they will often call their PIM contact. Deeper conversations develop, and the gospel can be shared in a more direct way.

Read more of how the Holy Spirit is at work in remote parts of Australia in the latest issue of On Track.