Country Elders Preaching Workshop

 Training for pastors and lay-preachers in country and remote places 

26-19 August 2021, at New Dunesk

God wants his church to grow, not just in numbers, but in maturity. This happens primarily through the regular, systematic and prayerful preaching of his Word by teachers who are faithful to its text, clear in their presentation and relevant in their application of it to our lives. 

At Presbyterian Inland Mission (PIM), we seek to continually bring God’s Word to believers and unbelievers in the remote areas of our country. With the help of this course, we hope to see more elders equipped with the skills and experience to help us achieve this vision. 

At PIM we are convicted that as elders learn to teach the Bible with confidence in its authority, God’s Word will bear fruit that grows and multiplies, bringing transformation to individuals, families, churches and communities across Australia. 

PIM is partnering with Langham Preaching to offer this workshop, to help elders and lay preachers in remote and rural places develop their preaching skills.