From Andrew to You

Dear Friend,

It’s heartbreaking to see thousands of Australian farmers struggling to survive the worst drought they’ve ever seen.

“Ninety-eight percent of NSW and around two-thirds of Queensland is in drought or drought-affected, with pastures turned to rubble and the cost of freight and feed skyrocketing,” ABC News reported.

Every day, PIM Ministry Teams visit farmers and families in absolute despair. They desperately need hope just as much as they need rain.

Please pray as together we encourage our farmers that God is with them.  Pray that He’ll break the drought send the rain right where it is needed – and that many people will turn to Jesus as they see God answer their prayers.

Jim – like many farmers – is struggling with depression.  With your commitment to help, we’re building relationships with people like him, so they can find hope in Jesus.  Jim said to Greg, a PIM team member:

“I can you see that you care about us.”

That’s what our farmers need to know right now – that there are people like you who care deeply about them, and are praying for God to bring rain

If you’d like to help reach more farmers and families in crisis, to encourage them and share the hope of the Gospel with them, please send a gift today.

Thank you for your love and support for all those facing hardship in remote areas.  Your generosity and prayers are deeply appreciated.

Yours in Christ,


Andrew Letcher