Let’s do whatever it takes to build friendship – and share Jesus’ love with blokes like Andy

PIM team member Kim Jaeger is always looking for opportunities to help people in remote parts of Tasmania.  He helps build fences, gives away his chickens’ eggs, and says ‘yes’ to all kinds of manual labour. Because Kim knows that in country areas, that’s how relationships begin.

And it’s not until someone knows you genuinely care about them, that they’ll listen to what you say about Jesus.

That’s how Kim got to know ‘Andy’ and share the Good News with him…

Andy comes in and out of his parents’ lives without warning.  He has a history of drugs, alcohol, and trouble with the law, even serving time in jail.

When Andy came into town it “just so happened” that Kim was able to make his acquaintance.  He also offered to help him with some mechanical work.

Over the next couple of days, Kim and Andy worked side by side. As they worked they talked about many things… including the Gospel.

“We talked about Jesus dying on the cross and about the need to receive salvation,” said Kim. “I also shared my own testimony.” 

Before they parted, Kim left some reading material with Andy to help him understand the offer of forgiveness in Christ.

Soon after their brief encounter, Andy disappeared again. But Kim knows his time with Andy was specially orchestrated by God.  

Thank you for your gifts and prayers to help PIM patrollers show the love of God in remote parts of Australia.  Together, we’re doing whatever it takes to help more people come to know Jesus!