Sowing seeds of hope

PIM Ministry Teams often find that many people living in the bush have heard a bit about God during their school years, but haven’t explored Christianity since then. Often, an independent nature gives them a strength that helps them to survive the physical challenges of living in a remote area, but this can easily become a spiritual obstacle, making them blind to their true spiritual needs. Our teams can give God’s Word to these people, and in doing so, sow seeds of hope into their lives.

Find out more about the work of our PIM Ministry Teams in the latest issue of our On Track newsletter. It highlights some of the work our teams have been doing, from building a friendship with an Aboriginal woman and her grandnephew near Bourke, to sharing the Word of God with a farmer in western Queensland. This issue also includes an update on the recent successful ‘Tag Along’ in south-western Queensland and shares some PIM team news.

As you read On Track, be encouraged regarding the continued importance of this unique ministry and recognise, as we do, that the people of the most remote and isolated areas of our land are Worth Driving For.