Your support brings hope to depressed farmers

Greg and Janet Cripps first met ‘Jim’ – a young farmer in his early 30’s – while dining at the local pub in a remote town in central Queensland.  They soon discovered they’d already befriended his parents and his neighbour, and they became fast friends.

One day, as Greg and Jim were walking in the paddock, Jim revealed his struggle with depression and how it affected his relationships and work. 

As a trained counsellor as well as a PIM team member, Greg began to ask Jim questions, including what he does to cope when he’s depressed.  Jim said he often walks in the bush to help ease his troubled mind.

Greg used Jim’s love of nature to show him that God is evident all around us, and that He’s powerful and loving.  Suddenly, Jim began to think about God in a whole new way.  “That’s what I want,” he said, “a simple faith.” 

That was probably the first time Jim had ever really thought about God as a loving Father, and a Father who was interested in every part of creation, including Jim.  Please pray that God will draw Jim closer to Himself and give him the peace and joy he seeks.

There are many farmers like Jim who are struggling with depression and they desperately need your prayers and support.

Whenever Greg and Janet visit an isolated or drought-stricken town, they visit many farms in the region, because they want every person to know they matter.  Thank you for making patrols like theirs possible.

To give even one farmer hope is always worth driving for.