Gap Year

Work on the land, serve in the church, grow in your faith.

For a long time, Gospel ministry in remote and rural parts of our country has been hindered by a lack of suitable workers. Our Gap Year program is designed to help address that issue by sowing seeds now that we hope will result in enthusiastic and equipped congregational members and future elders to serve in country churches.

We also expect that by intentionally discipling and equipping young people in this way, we will add to the pool of potential future rural pastors and PIM workers for the next generation.

Here are some of the details:

  • The program will start on 31 Jan and finish on 18 Nov 2022.
  • Participants will live onsite at New Dunesk, our 600 acre farm in Ardlethan NSW.
  • We will be taking only 2 Gap Year participants for 2022.
  • The Gappies will develop a whole range of useful farm skills, from fencing, to driving a range of vehicles, shooting, managing livestock, riding horses and other useful skills. They might even pick up a truck licence, first aid qualifications and other useful skills.
  • They will be actively involved in the life of Temora Presbyterian Church, and will develop skills in leading Bible Studies, actively participating in worship services, and engaging in community evangelism. They might even help with SRE in the local school, or learn to preach a basic sermon.
  • During different events at New Dunesk during the year, they’ll develop their interpersonal and servant leadership skills as they help our other visitors get the most out of their experience.
  • The Gappies will undertake the Timothy Partnership course and develop their love of the Word. This can be done as an accredited course, or by Audit.
  • The Timothy Partnership course is approved for Youth Allowance/AUSTUDY for eligible participants.
  • During the year, the Gappies will enjoy a 4-6 week posting to another property somewhere else in Australia to give them a different experience.
  • Along the way, we will invest in helping them grow as disciples of Jesus, and become useful servants to a local church.
  • Cost for the year is $12,000. This includes accommodation and course expenses. If you are eligible for Youth Allowance or AUSTUDY then much of this cost should be covered by this. Those not eligible to receive Youth Allowance or AUSTUDY should contact us to discuss costs.
  • Immediately following the Gap Year, it is very likely that our Gappies will be able to pick up a couple of months of paid casual employment during the busy grain harvest in the area. This will help to build further skills and experiences, and earn some money.

Interested? Please email Andrew: [email protected] 

For further information, read our Gap Year Prospectus: