Patrol Vehicle Appeal

Every year, our Patrol Teams travel thousands of kilometres, regularly meeting rough and broken roads, and covering large distances between towns and fuel sources. This means their vehicles face a life of wear and tear more severe than the average motorist. Because of this, each Patrol Team is equipped with a special issue four-wheel-drive vehicle, fitted with safety equipment, all-terrain tyres, winch and a UHF radio to help teams arrive at their travel destinations safely. These custom built vehicles can cost upwards of $55,000, plus ongoing yearly costs for operation and maintenance.

Whilst this may seem like an extravagant price tag, it is a necessary expense for the work and service of our Patrol Teams, enabling them to safely travel out, or return home, from their remote Gospel ministry.

We seek financial contributions from the broader church and our regular supporters to enable us to update the vehicles in our fleet which have reached, or are nearing their ‘use by date’

Snowy Mountains Patrol (NSW and VIC)

After nearly two decades of prayer and planning, the Snowy Mountains and East Gippsland area are soon to have a brand new PIM Patrol ministry underway.

Noah and Nerroli Vasiliades will begin their ...

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Kim Jaeger

February 2023 Newsletter Tasmania Jaeger

Access to church communities and Christian Fellowship can be rather limited for those living on farm properties or in tiny villages across ...

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Mt Magnet Presbyterian Church (WA)

Alvin and Narelle Chai
Alvin and Narelle and their two children Elliot and Lewis moved to Mt Magnet in July 2020 after spending some time overseas as medical missionaries.
Alvin currently serves as ...

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Mungo (NSW and VIC)

Colin and Alison Morrow
Colin and Alison live in Mildura. For several days each week, they head out to visit people on farms and in small towns along the Murray River and into South Western NSW and ...

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New Dunesk

New Dunesk serves as PIM's home, and the place from which we Inspire, Equip and Send out God's people for ministry in the Inland. You can find out more here.

Paul and Janae Denness and their ...

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St George Area (QLD)

Doug and Marcia Walker
Doug and Marcia started patrol ministry with PIM in early 2018. They live on their farm in Dulacca, and are active members of the church in Miles. They head out on regular ...

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Leichhardt (QLD)

Laurie and Gwen Peake
Laurie and Gwen have been part of the PIM team for 30 years, serving in a variety of areas during that time.
The Peakes now live on their farm in Wandoan, where they raise ...

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Hugh Castleden

PIM's CEO Hugh Castleden is appointed by the PIM Committee to lead the PIM Team and support the Committee as it shapes PIM's future.

Hugh hails from Tamworth, NSW where he lives ...

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John Flynn Patrol – Beltana (SA)

AIM heritage is especially strong within the Beltana Area. This includes the fact that nearly all of the great names linked with the formation and foundation of the Australian Inland Mission were ...

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Other ways to give

Contact Us for bank deposit information.

Cheques or Money Orders: Make out to ‘Presbyterian Inland Mission’ and send to Presbyterian Inland Mission, PO Box 9, Ardlethan, NSW 2665.