Our Patrols

Alice Springs Mission Church


The PIM has an expanding network of patrol ministries across Australia and is also involved in a growing range of caring/philanthropic activities - including the provision of relief to assist with the impact of drought, isolation, suffering and medical emergencies. These ministries and activities are offered freely to all and any of the people of the great Outback and Inland of the Commonwealth of Australia, in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

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Mungo Patrol (NSW – Southern)

Colin & Alison Morrow

South QLD Patrol (QLD)

Greg and Janet Cripps

Tasmania Patrol

Kim Jaeger

St George Area

Doug and Marcia Walker

Darwin Mission Church

Now under the jurisdiction of the Presbytery of North Qld

John Flynn Patrol (SA)


Mount Magnet Mission Church

Surendra and Ma'yan Wesley

Darling Patrol (NSW – Northern)

David and Gae McDonald

Leichhardt Patrol (QLD)

Laurie and Gwen Peake

Southern Patrol (WA)


Mid West Patrol (WA)

Surendra and Ma'yan Wesley

North QLD Patrol (QLD)


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