On Track

Country Elders Preaching Workshop


PIM_CountryEldersPreachingWorkshopDownload  Training for pastors and lay-preachers in country and remote places  26-19 August 2021, at New Dunesk God wants his church to grow, not just in …

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Hope of a new beginning


Our latest edition of On Track. The Lord continues to be at work despite the many challenges we face. Read the latest edition of On Track to see how God is at work across our nation, and to see …

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Connecting the Congregation


Latest edition of On Track. God has used PIM in exciting but unexpected ways during the ‘lockdown’. Read the latest edition of On Track to find out how more than 3000 people have continued to …

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God decides our paths


God is at work in all encounters experienced by our PIM Ministry Teams. Through prayer and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, He guides our steps and prepares the way for the Gospel to be shared. …

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Christ’s love opens hearts


Sharing Christ’s love, and showing genuine interest in the lives of others, builds trust and respect in relationships. PIM Ministry Teams make this their priority in their work. Of course, …

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New Dunesk proposal


The gospel needs in the bush are enormous, but the PIM workforce is very small. PIM’s New Dunesk proposal seeks to change that by creating all kinds of new ways for people to become involved in …

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Sowing seeds of hope


PIM Ministry Teams often find that many people living in the bush have heard a bit about God during their school years, but haven’t explored Christianity since then. Often, an independent nature …

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A longing for peace from the Saviour


The ministry of PIM brings a voice of hope and truth into the lives of those in remote areas who have a spiritual curiosity and a longing for God. Our Patrol workers often have the opportunity to …

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